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Equipment Needed


Cheap and simple. You can get a clicker in most pet stores.
There are now digital clickers that can make several distinct sounds.
If you are an advanced trainer these are great.
If you are a novice and want to start training soon, go to your local pet store and get one.


It is important to use treats that your dog really loves.
Use small treats so the dog can eat them fast and continue to the next repetition or exercise.
Usually, various types of cold meats can work great.
Dogs are carnivores and they love meat. Vary the treats you use and be generous at the beginning.
Remember that it is your dog that decides what type of treat he/she prefers.
It doesn’t matter if you think that dried liver is a great treat – your dog needs to think it as well.
Some dogs have allergies to various types of foods. Consult your vet before trying new treats.

Never give your dog chocolate – chocolate is poisonous to dogs!


Tennis balls, flying discs, ropes, or any other favorite toy can be great reinforcers.
If the dog loves it – use it. Get him to do something you want – click and start the game.


Treat pouch:

Although not necessary, a treat pouch is a very convenient accessory.
It allows you to keep your treats comfortably on your person.




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