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Training Videos

I hope you enjoy the clicker training videos. If you find the videos useful, please show your appreciation by donating
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Interesting video - Combining cues: Can your dog learn to wait for more than one cue?



Basic Obedience      
Charging the Clicker Teaching the Name Touch Sit
Down Stay - Part 1 Stay - Part 2 Stay - Part 3
Stand Go Back    
Advanced Obedience      
Teaching Names of Objects 1 Teaching Names of Objects 2 Advanced Attention Transferring the Cue
Puppy Raising      
Accepting Human Handling      
Agility - Weave Poles      
Tricks and Fun      
Take a Bow   Sheena training Demo  
Therapy Dogs      
Crutches - Beginner Crutches - Advanced    

Do you have a dog training video you would like to share with our community?
Send it to us and we will put it online so other dog owners can learn from it.
(please keep the video at around 1minute)




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